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Noelle, you were magnificent and we all enjoyed your music immensely.

Outstanding - we will certainly be booking you again.

David Gold - Chairman West Ham United FC, Ann Summers & Knickerbox

Fran & Toby - Newlyweds

Noelle you were amazing on Saturday!

Everyone commented on how wonderful you were. You set the theme perfectly. We will definitely be recommending you to everyone!

There is no one else who sings like you.

I watched you perform in London and was mesmerised. I knew I had to have you singing at my wedding!

Thank you for your talent.

Sophie Austin - Actress

(Lyndsey in Channel 4's Hollyoaks)

What a beautiful voice you have.

Great working with you x

Jenny Thomas - Choreographer

BBC's Strictly Come Dancing

At Brooklands, we create events that transport visitors back in time to a glamorous era evoking the halcyon days of motorsport and aviation. Noelle was the natural choice when selecting a chanteuse for these events for her skill and incredible ability for bringing to life the music of the past.

Seeing the jaws of audiences drop when she sings confirms her place as one of the best ‘vintage’ singers, and why we book her time and time again.

Brooklands Museum

What a beautiful voice!

The best vintage singer we've heard. And we've heard a few!

The Kalamazoo Big Band

Kelly Wickson, Belle's Events

A true songbird who captivates her audience with her timeless elegance; her voice and manner transform you back to the days of rationing and tea dances. She really is a treat.

Best of the best. The UK has the finest jazz singers: Kitty LaRoar and Noelle Vaughn...Noelle is a singer who makes a song hers from the first note on the chart to the last. She gets a song's message, and makes sure you get it, too. 

H.P.Oliver, USA

I thought it was a record playing!

Hearing Noelle Vaughn perform was like stepping back in time to a forgotten era of men being war heroes and women being fine ladies. A generation lost in today’s fast paced society. A time when love, romance and honour was at the very heart of our country.

Noelle’s voice will always bring that love and romance to any wedding. I can’t wait to have her perform at my own...a lovely girl and truly original performer.

Gives me goosebumps every time.  

Adele Wilkinson - Pink Rose Cakes

Ladies and gentleman, it gives me the greatest of pleasures to introduce you to a living angel, both in form and voice: Noelle Vaughn, who wows the crowds and who will become one of the legends in this space...

Tony Nash - Presenter, Meridian FM

Found her on YouTube, ordered her CD, got it today! We'll be swingin' to it Sunday at the Jetty!

Swing Dance Australia

The beautiful Noelle Vaughn provides a vintage soundtrack with a voice so silky you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a record player in the room.

Olivia Pinnock, Fashion Journalist

I always make a beeline for your performances at Brooklands! 


A friend has already grabbed your album from me - he and his wife were with me at Brooklands for the Relived day, and they both thought you were wonderful, too. It's a great choice of songs, and your lovely voice is so well suited to the music of that era. I'll get it back somehow!


I will alert them when your next new album comes out - it looks like we'll have to get one each! 


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